The third edition of the biggest networking event in Macedonia – Macedonia Manufacturing Expo 2019, organized by the MAMIEI, together with the USAID Business Development Project, and the Delegation of the German Commerce and Industry in the Republic of Northern Macedonia AHK, took place on 25 and 26 September at the Alexander Palace Hotel in Skopje.

The event, which was held over two days for the first time this year, consisted of three parts. The most recognizable activity of MAMEI is the direct business networking of companies-suppliers and companies-purchasers from the light manufacturing industries through a series of pre-arranged business-to-business meetings. This was supplemented by a wide educational panel and discussion program, as well as for the first time this year, an industry fair of companies.

The direct business meetings this year were attended by 35 purchasers and 81 suppliers from 13 different countries, all of which had over 400 pre-arranged meetings, and over 150 on-site meetings. The steady growth, year after year, of the biggest business networking event is of particular pride for the MAMEI. We expect these numbers to be surpassed again with Macedonia Manufacturing Expo 2020.

During the conference, 8 educational panels and discussions were held on various topics with about 30 speakers and panelists on a variety of topics such as ways to finance the Macedonian innovative industries, advances in the implementation of the dual vocational education (organized by Delegation of the German Commerce and Industry in the Republic of Northern Macedonia AHK), logistics and transport for the light manufacturing industries, marketing for the export-oriented companies, bridging the gap between multinational and domestic companies (organized by Centar za upravuvanje so promeni CUP), access to global supply chains (organized by the Association for Supply Chan Management, Procurement and Logistics BME), lean manufacturing (organized by the European Bank for Renewal and Development EBRD) and the impending recession in the automotive industry.

The industry fair that was opened during the whole event consisted of 22 stands representing 30 companies from several countries. During the two days, over 600 guests attended the conference and the fair.

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