Symposium Purchasing & Logistics 2019 is a symposium organized by the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics BME, MAMEI’s business partners from Germany for several years now. Symposium Purchasing and Logistics is a platform for discussing the future of logistics and supply chain management, on which purchasing managers can expand their network of contacts with their colleagues and other experts from the field.On this year’s symposium, to be held in Berlin between November 13 and 15, MAMEI will attend jointly with the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones DTIDZ on their promotional stand.

The main topics of this year’s, 54th annual edition of this event will be the following: Strategy 2025 (the future of procurement and supply chain management), People & Organization (the new roles and skills that will be required in the future of procurement and supply chain management), Supply Networks (promoting innovation through collaboration with suppliers), Managing Risks (global trends that may become risks of procurement and supply chain management), Business Analytics (breakthroughs in Big Data analytics) and Bots, KI & Co (added value and new opportunities offered by AI, Robotic process automation and blockchain).

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