Tehnoprodukt is a company founded, and currently owned by Blazho RIzov, in October 1990, as a middle-sized enterprise in the metal and rubber processing sector.

Tehnoprodukt started in 1990 with the production of individual rubber parts for agricultural and engineering mechanization, and soon after, a machine hall was formed and production of casts for rubber parts was started, as well as smaller production series of rubber parts for the automobile industry and mixing of caoutchouc. They also started producing larger series of rubber products for transportation systems and mining.

In 1998, they began the construction of a new production hall, in which Tehnoprodukt started production of large steel spare parts, and also improved the production of caoutchouc mixes in their own vertically integrated production line, as its main raw material, to the point that Tehnoprodukt stopped relying on importing caoutchouc rubber.

In the following years, Tehnoprodukt started producing industrial rollers, expanded their rubber production and built a new industrial hall for rubber caoutchouc mixes.

Address: str. Industriska no. 15,
1480 Gevgelija
Phone: +389 34 231 637
Web page: www.tehnoprodukt.com.mk
E-mail: [email protected]

Sector: Rubber production
Founded year: 1990
Number of employees: 20
Contact person: Blazo Rizov

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