Igma engineering was founded in 1993, as a public limited company in private ownership. Igma engineering possesses staff which is capable of designing, managing, overseeing and building, as well as staff capable of operational managing of projects.

Igma engineering for the purposes of its production own two production halls in Kadino, an administrative facility in Ilinden, a machine park, and a commercial facility for interior and decoration materials. Igma engineering has three main production activities – production of machine parts for various industries, interior design and production of furniture and electrical distribution equipment production.

Guided by its mission, and following local processes, trends and their own experience, Igma engineering continuously aims to perfect its activities, from both an organizational and technical aspect, all in service of quality guarantee, and the further stability and growth of the company.

Address: str. 8 no. 21, Ilinden,
1041 Skopje
Phone: +389 2 2550 751
Web page: www.igma.com.mk
E-mail: [email protected]

Founded year: 1993
Number of employees: 
Contact person: Aco Panajotovikj

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