Main products & Services: Rubber parts

Our choice is quality. Through our multi-decade presence on the rubber production and rubber parts market we have learned to value the quality of our work as the basis on which a client becomes a long-term partner.

Our basic values. Time and time again, we affirm the successful implementation of our quality policy through ongoing multi-year cooperations with clients from the public and private sector, both domestic and foreign. Stability is achieved through the excellent results of the creative potential of our employees, supported by our never-ending quest for further improvement of our capabilities. We see the improvement of our company as a pathway toward the improvoement of our work, with constant care given towards both the natural and work environments.

How do we operate? Our results are achieved thanks to the constant upgrading and improving on our multi-decade presence on the market, the offering of solutions of the best quality, the hiring of people who aim for new horizons through their work with us, the efficiency with which we develop and use our own resourses and the attention to the highest standards of work ethic in the private sector.

In our first 15 years, the Tehnoguma staff has single-handedly managed to create a company which excels in quality rubber for all purporses.

Address: Industriska zona Makedonka No. 24/4, 2000 Shtip
Phone: +389 71 339 336
Web page:
E-mail: [email protected]

Sector: Rubber production
Founded year: 1998
Number of employees: 24
Contact person: Simona Nikolova

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