Main products & Services: – Aluminum alloy ingots; – Die-casted aluminum parts ; – Art castings from bronze, brass, aluminum, polyester, wax etc. (sculptures, souvenirs, relief, architectonic elements etc); – Church bells and church equipment; – Refractory materials for the steel industry; – Lampposts and urban equipment.

The beginnings of RZ Institut date back in 1967, when it was formed and developed withing the former industrial giant “Mines & Steelworks- Skopje”. At first it was conceptualized as primarily scientific/ researching department for the needs of “Mines & Steelworks- Skopje”, but also for the factories and mines across Yugoslavia. For this purposes, it was installed industrial equipment designed for research and processing in the field of metallurgy, mineralogy, foundry casting, petrology etc.

In 1997, RZ Institut was transformed into a shareholding company and from 2001 is fully privatized. Today, shares of RZ Institut are publicly listed on the Macedonian Stock Exchange. 

With the privatization, there was an essential need to increase the economic efficiency and market competitiveness. For this aim, we acceded to rehabilitation, modernization and in some cases, conversion of the existing technological lines and manufacturing processes.

Today RZ Institut is a shareholding company which dominant activity is casting and machining of technical and artistic castings of non- ferrous metals (aluminium, bronze, brass). Additional activities include production of refractory materials for the steel industry, church bells and equipment, researching services, trade, casting lampposts and urban equipment, polyester and wax sculptures etc. 

Address: str. 16 Makedonska brigada #18
1000 Skopje
E-mail: [email protected]

Sector: Metallurgy and refractory industry sectors/ Casting and metalworking of non-ferrous metals and production of refractory materials for steel industry.
Founded year: 1967
Number of employees: 91
Contact person: Dusko Kocevski

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