Main products & Services: Parts for following: robotics, mechanical items, pneumatics, hydraulics, coupling items, items for agricultural machinery, items for medical devices, tools for clay and ceramic industry, etc.

Our existence on the market in Republic of Macedonia and beyond is based on:

  • Understanding the needs of our customers
  • Product development 
  • Fulfilling the required norms and standards for different types of products
  • Sustainability of the high level of quality production
  • Constant technology improvement;
  • Adaptability to customer needs and their requirements
  • The level of reliability of products
  • Upholding the given deadlines and fulfill urgent orders
  • Professionalism, esnafluk business ethics.
  • Professional team, 8 employees 50-60 years, 8 employees 35-50 years 8 employees 24-35 years.
  • We are certified to ISO 9001: 2008

Past cooperation with buyers from countries following: England, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, USA, Spain, Italy, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria and Slovenia

Address: str. 1 no. 62 Trubarevo
1000 Skopje
Web page:
E-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected]

Sector: CNC machining
Founded year: 1992
Number of employees: 24
Contact person: Zoran Ilievski / Biljana Ilievska

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