Main products & Services: Wood pellet stoves and heaters

Eco Spar is the best friend of your home for over 10 years. Our mission is the same since the first day: to create products with the best quality from ecological and economical aspect that will improve the quality of your living, spare your time, take good care fo your wallet and that will be friendly with the air that we all breathe. The motive behind our success is – You. And we will continue on our path.


We have an answer for every challenge. All of our products are being built with a high-quaity technology that guarantees the highest marks your Eco Spar product will score when the quality, functionality, economical aspect and environmental protection are being in question. All of our products are friends of the nature, burning witn efficiency of 90%, releasing colourless gas that does no harm to the environment. Our products take care of your health.

We are proud that our products are easy-to-install and simple to handle.

We are proud because we stand up to the highest european standards for quality, protecting the environment at the same time with you not having to loose a single degree celsius of the temperature at your home. EN 14785, EN 303-5, ISO:9001 and the CE Declaration are only some of the formal confirmations of our dedication in the creation of what’s best for you.

We are proud that we have very practical and cheap solutions for your problems. Our pellet stoves and pellet boilers are easily maintained and cleaned, saving your time and helping you keep a positive mind while fighting with the negative temperatures.

We are proud of our constant work for the improvement of the technology that is being used in our products, with the tendency to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the smart technologies.

We are proud because of your belief in our quality.

Address: str. 15-ti Korpus 89 A
6000 Ohrid
Phone: +389 46 255 558
Web page:
E-mail: [email protected]

Sector: Metal Processing
Founded year: 2003
Number of employees: 28
Contact person: Biljana Shutinoska Vlakevska

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