The Macedonian Association of Metal and Electrical Industry- MAMEI was established with a unique goal- to unify the Macedonian companies from these sectors and to offer support and quality business services that will fasten their growth and development.

In April 2014 couple of companies- leaders of the metal and electrical industry in Macedonia initiated the foundation of the Macedonian Association of Metal and Electrical Industry- MAMEI. After couple of decades of existence of this industry in Macedonia, the producers felt that the time has come to unite the companies in one association. Through this organization the producers can develop and further the mutual cooperation and collaboration and can jointly achieve their business goals and results.

The idea for MAMEI was in development for more than 1 year, and officially MAMEI was registered as an Macedonian Association of Metal and Electrical Industry, an organization that will be leader in its field in Macedonia.


Short term goals:
Initiate and build relations with domestic companies, governmental institutions, consultants, foreign partners (business and non-business), etc; start with implementation of basic services.

Medium term goals:
Continuously provide quality services to the members; attract new companies to join; expand the list of services and activities the organization is doing; coordinate the dialogue between the government and the companies; become a respectable body in the country and region.

Long term goals:
Become focal point for all the companies in the sector; lead regional and European projects on cooperation; become known partner and link for the foreign partners and domestic companies


Activities of MAMEI are:

  • Unifying the domestic producers from the metal and electrical sector in one organization
  • Organizing of domestic B2B events for stimulating and increasing the mutual cooperation between the companies in the sector
  • Mapping and development of local supply chains in the metal and electrical sector in Macedonia
  • Joint optimization and purchase of production materials and inputs
  • Organizing and partnering with international B2B events (trade fair exhibitions, business visits of foreign buyers in the country I visit of potential clients in other countries)
  • Joint participation on public calls in the country
  • Joint presentation in front of Foreign Direct Investors in the country
  • Research and development of new products and production practices
  • Market research
  • Organization of professional and vocational trainings for the management and the workers
  • Implementation of technical standards according to the EU regulative
  • Lobbying and active participation in the dialogue with the Government
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign chambers of commerce and other associations
  • Cooperation with consulting companies for better and more quality services offered to the companies from the metal and electrical sector in Macedonia
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