The Access to Finance workshop was attended by 15 companies from the light manufacturing industry, and the workshop included the presentation of experiences and programmes by four financial consultants – Simon Avramovski from PointPro Consulting, Blagoja Miloshevski from Planum Consulting, Dragan Pejchevski from Fina Consulting and Vancho Popov from Popov Management. During the workshop, through their personal experiences working with companies in this and similar industry sector, and through direct conversations with the attendee about the needs and wants of their firms, a foundation was laid for possible cooperation between the consultants and companies.

Subjects discussed during the workshop included many problems pertaining to the specialities of the four consultants, including – the possibilities for financial restructuring of company credits and loans, the possibility for applying and implementing various grants for innovations and technological development, the implementation of new industry standards for new market possibilities, etc.

The workshop that was held on December 6, was the first of four planned Access to Finance workshops, which MAMEI is organizing in the coming months in cooperation with the Business Ecosystem Project by USAID. The four Access to Finance workshops are meant to help companies access finances in a manner most adequate to their needs and strategy. Every single company needs a specific approach and a unique business proposal to financial institutions as they work towards their further growth and development. The Business Ecosystem Project of USAID has developed a network of 30 financial consultants and facilitators whose prior work and expertise is most suitable to help companies work out a financial model that works for their specific needs, and helps optimize their business processes. The Business Ecosystem Project of USAID also helps companies that make a decision to hire a consultant by partially financing the consultant’s fee through their Access to Finance programme. For more information on the Project’s programme, you can contact MAMEI and we will help you connect to the people responsible for its implementation at USAID BEP.

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